Foodemental Fridays with Olivia Lane

Introducing our New Series: Foodemental Fridays!

Our goal is to introduce you to others who make healthy eating a priority and share how they make it happen. We all have different lifestyles and diets, so we thought it might be nice to see and hear how others make time for cooking, fit in fitness and shop locally. After reading these interviews you will have new ideas about what to make when you are short on time, Shopping strategy and maybe realize how you stock your cabinets isn’t so weird after all ! …Oh and if there is someone you would like us to interview, leave a comment below and let us know who!

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What is a Tastemaker, and when do you become one?

What Is A Tastemaker

So you’ve joined The Seasonal Diet [The SD]… welcome! (or maybe you’re still on the fence and just curious, that’s great too!)

Now that we’ve launched The SD, we need to cover something very important. If you’ve noticed, we’re calling our members ‘Tastemakers’. Yes, they are preparing some of the most delicious dishes in the world – but there’s a secondary meaning as well.

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Why You Should Get The Seasonal Diet

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Have you ever said, “I wish I could go out to a restaurant and just order something off of the menu, instead of having to make all of these annoying requests”? Or maybe you just wish you could order something organic and clean?! If so, your not alone. Peter and I say that a lot when we’re too tired to cook… yes, even we get tired of cooking:)

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