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Printing The Seasonal Diet

SD Cover

Within a couple hours of releasing The Seasonal Diet we already had a couple members tell us on Facebook they had already printed it out.

We were surprised – Because The Seasonal Diet is 150 pages and that can be a lot to print- but I guess we shouldn’t have been. It has tons of content you will want to refer back to for a long time. Especially if you add tabs for the recipe section (Making it easy to find that 1 recipe in a sea of 180).

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What is a Tastemaker, and when do you become one?

What Is A Tastemaker

So you’ve joined The Seasonal Diet [The SD]… welcome! (or maybe you’re still on the fence and just curious, that’s great too!)

Now that we’ve launched The SD, we need to cover something very important. If you’ve noticed, we’re calling our members ‘Tastemakers’. Yes, they are preparing some of the most delicious dishes in the world – but there’s a secondary meaning as well.

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What Teaching Cooking Classes at Whole Foods Taught Me About Life

Whole Foods Market

Peter and I have taught over 50 healthy eating/cooking classes at Whole Foods Markets, from Seattle to Portland to California. We also shop at our local Whole Foods and like to visit new ones when we travel; needless to say we have spent some hours in there ;)

After interacting and observing at the health food store I realized A LOT of life lessons can be learned from Whole Foods Market

Slow Down

Rushing through life has never worked for me. Something about trying to go as fast as I can pretty much always ends in disaster.  I’ve seen this time and again at Whole Foods Market… mom reaching over multiple shopping carts to grab the salsa on the top shelf only to have it come crashing down on the floor and shattering to pieces.  Sometimes after teaching classes I’ll walk the customers around the store and show them where the ingredients that we used in the class are located. During this I notice that they are all over the place, forgetting items in certain sections, ready to get to find the next item as fast as they can! This ALWAYS results in forgotten items and back-tracking! I’m no saint… I’ve been guilty of rushing through the jam-packed isles… usually when I rush through the grocery store I end up with the wrong can of soup with ingredients like potatoes, soy, sugar or oil – all things I try to avoid when I can. A couple weeks ago I picked up the peanut butter with added oil or sugar, I end up eating it because I’m not driving back to the store and I need it for my oatmeal!   Rushing through the grocery store or life for that matter usually results in frazzled minds, bodies, shattered glass or the wrong kind of peanut butter for Pete’s sake!   Speaking of Pete He always says rushing doesn’t get you to your destination any faster… I’m still waiting to see the research on that, but slowing down does make the journey much more enjoyable. And when you  finally arrive at your destination, you’ll be in a much better mood!!

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