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We’ve Moved…and Upgraded!

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Hey Guys!

We finally did it! We have moved from this site to and she’s a Beauty! We have out-grown CookingWithCSA.Com and needed something that encompasses what we are all about. So we hope you come on over and see the new place:)

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How To Eat Healthy When Camping (with full-day meal plan)


Spring is just around the corner (although it feels like summer here in San Diego?!)

…which means camping trips, festivals and road trips! My favorite time of the year!

But if you recently switched your diet, or are just becoming more conscious of what you’re eating, it can be tricky. Have no fear as over the last 4 years Peter and I have had a lot of practice, and let’s just say I have it down:)

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Vegan Hot Chocolate


It was a rainy weekend over here!

And we loved every minute of it. It’s funny how things works; one of the big reasons we left Seattle was due to the gloomy, rainy weather. But this weekend we were reminded of how much fun a little rain can be:). We even went for a run when it was absolutely pouring!

It also got me thinking that winter is going to be ending very soon and I don’t know if we got enough winter favorites in! Like, Soup, Brussels Sprouts and HOT CHOCOLATE?!

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