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Printing The Seasonal Diet

SD Cover

Within a couple hours of releasing The Seasonal Diet we already had a couple members tell us on Facebook they had already printed it out.

We were surprised – Because The Seasonal Diet is 150 pages and that can be a lot to print- but I guess we shouldn’t have been. It has tons of content you will want to refer back to for a long time. Especially if you add tabs for the recipe section (Making it easy to find that 1 recipe in a sea of 180).

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What is a Tastemaker, and when do you become one?

What Is A Tastemaker

So you’ve joined The Seasonal Diet [The SD]… welcome! (or maybe you’re still on the fence and just curious, that’s great too!)

Now that we’ve launched The SD, we need to cover something very important. If you’ve noticed, we’re calling our members ‘Tastemakers’. Yes, they are preparing some of the most delicious dishes in the world – but there’s a secondary meaning as well.

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Cake for Breakfast? No Problem… How to Think Yourself Healthy!


I used to do this thing where I would eat something like chocolate cake or cold pizza for breakfast and then beat myself up over it. I am happy to say those days are long gone! I want to share my tips for avoiding negative thoughts that can end up in extra pounds!

I didn’t realize the effect my words and thoughts had on my body. Yes cake for breakfast doesn’t usually make you feel good, but I would do it and then immediately think “wow, now I am going to be fat and bloated all day”, and then I would feel exactly that!

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