We’ve Moved…and Upgraded!

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Hey Guys!

We finally did it! We have moved from this site to TheSeasonalDiet.com and she’s a Beauty! We have out-grown CookingWithCSA.Com and needed something that encompasses what we are all about. So we hope you come on over and see the new place:)

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How to Avoid The Insanity Diet


I’ve actually been struggling with the insanity of working from home. 

I thought it was going to be a dream, and it has it perks (working in PJ’s anyone?), but it’s proving to be more challenging than I originally thought.  Most weeks, I communicate with others via email only, so there’s almost no face-to-face interaction!

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Printing The Seasonal Diet

SD Cover

Within a couple hours of releasing The Seasonal Diet we already had a couple members tell us on Facebook they had already printed it out.

We were surprised – Because The Seasonal Diet is 150 pages and that can be a lot to print- but I guess we shouldn’t have been. It has tons of content you will want to refer back to for a long time. Especially if you add tabs for the recipe section (Making it easy to find that 1 recipe in a sea of 180).

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