Get in the kitchen and make mistakes

When was the last time you messed up dinner? I’ll bet you’ll never make that mistake again.

Whether it’s attempting Chinese food, adding too much cinnamon or simply burning something (!) we can definitely relate. This is what’s so important about taking risks… when you mess up, it’s an opportunity to …Continue Reading

We’ve Moved…and Upgraded!

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Hey Guys!

We finally did it! We have moved from this site to and she’s a Beauty! We have out-grown CookingWithCSA.Com and needed something that encompasses what we are all about. So we hope you come on over and see the new place:)

Get the full Tour …Continue Reading

How to Avoid The Insanity Diet

I’ve actually been struggling with the insanity of working from home. 

I thought it was going to be a dream, and it has it perks (working in PJ’s anyone?), but it’s proving to be more challenging than I originally thought.  Most weeks, I communicate with others via email only, so there’s almost no face-to-face interaction!

I sit pretty much all day. I’ll workout …Continue Reading